Electric Scooter

Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter:CB-ES001
Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter:CB-ES002
Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter:CB-ES008
Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter:CB-ES009
Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter:CB-ES010
Electric Scooter
Electric Scooter:CB-ES011

Electric Scooter:CB-ES012

Electric Scooter:CB-ES013

Electric Scooter:CB-ES014

Electric Scooter:CB-ES015

Electric Scooter:CB-ES016

Electric Scooter:CB-ES017

Electric Scooter:CB-ES018

Electric Scooter:CB-ES019

Electric Scooter:CB-ES020

Electric Scooter:CB-ES021

Electric scooters

Electric scooters start with as adult-sized scooters riding on air-filled tires - and then add a motor and battery. Riding one feels like water skiing on a single ski. Being more agile than bikes, scooters offer more fun. Speeds range from below 10 mph for inexpensive imports to over 30 mph for Racers. Range varies from a few miles to 20 miles. When scooter range and speed increase, so do size and weight.

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